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19 February 2007

Nothing To Say But Saying It Anyway

Blogs can be...um, what's the word...boring! Yes, that's it. BO-RING! Which is why I don't subscribe to or read many of them. We all want each post to be scintillating, fascinating, and edge-of-your-seat riveting - but the (sad) fact is that most of us do not lead scintillating, fascinating, edge-of-your-seat riveting lives.

I was reading one guy's blog the other day. He was going on and on about being sick, about how he went out anyway to meet with a friend, a friend who was supposedly bringing Wendy's fast-food and how this guy was so expecting some Wendy's chili to help make him feel better...but the friend didn't bring the chili and you know if you want something done...

And I thought to myself, Oh dear Lord, will you just shut up!! I mean, really! Blogging about being sick? And then I went, Oh. Wait... I had done just that (see below). I went back to this guy's blog later and found that he'd posted about being sick for three days in a row! At least I didn't whine about it for that long.

Later on, he posted about "blogger's block." That is, having nothing to write about but feeling the self-imposed pressure to make a blog entry anyway, so you do. Then your blog becomes just one big snooze-fest. I try to avoid that, but even I sometimes think to myself, "Why am I writing this?" Like now.


island girl said...

If you think your life is boring - how do you feel about us poor saps stuck in "winterland" who are sitting here reading it every day?????
Trust me - I defnitely get some entertainment value out of your blog no matter what you write about. It is much more exciting than my ho-hum job.

andis said...

I linked your blog through La Gringas, and I enjoy reading it. I like reading about Honduras because that is where my son-in-law is from, first I read it to understand a bit about his country. Now I read it because I am keeping up with a few people and what they are doing in their lives.
It is Winter here in Kansas. and trust me those waterfall pictures were a break from the ice storms we have been having.
lol, maybe I will start a blog and then you can read it and say, wow... I really am living in paradise.

Hal Johnson said...

Aw heck Bob, if you have nothing to write about, I say go for it and write about nothing.

Bob Barbanes said...

Thank you all for your comments. But I don't want this to turn into a "blog about nothing." Didn't someone do a t.v. show like that once?

There are many fascinating things about the Bay Islands (and living here in them). I will do my best to communicate them in a meaningful and interesting way.

For instance, this morning in about an hour I've got to go make a flight I've been looking forward to for quite some time. Details to follow!

island girl said...

Can't wait for the update!

La Gringa said...

Bob, your articles are always interesting to me! You aren't boring at all.

(By the way, I was way behind reading your blog or I would have said, "Oh, poor Bob. I hope you get better soon." I know comments like that always makes me feel better. Ha ha.)

I think it's kind of like talking to friends. You forgive your friends when they are sick or in a bad mood or just a little boring. So what? You still come back tomorrow to see what they have to say.

That's the way I look at it anyway and I hope my readers do, too, since I spend my share of time complaining about the heat or being sick.

I can top the blog you found, though. I ran across a blog once where virtually every article talked about what the author ate that day and how many times he got up during the night to go to the bathroom.

Amazingly, I kept reading and reading, thinking surely this man writes about other things! But no, he didn't.

La Gringa said...

Bob! You're tagged! Read about it here.

ladyluz said...

Yes, Bob, an interesting blog, so I'll be returning.

I am tagged too so, hoping not to appear too much of a wally by being the only respondee, I look forward to yours.