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06 April 2007

There Are Days...

When I lived in New York City, we took things like the Empire State Building, the World Trade Center and the Statue of Liberty for granted. Much the same way, I suppose, that people who live near Niagara Falls do the same.

I live here in Guanaja now. Day in and day out, you can become inured to the beauty. Ho-hum, just another day in paradise. But I was walking down the path from the boss's house to the main house today and the above view caught my eye. I had to stop and go, "Wow!" Luckily, I had my trusty Canon SD-600 in my pocket...

Later, I had to take one of the speedboats over to the jobsite. Boating is normally a necessary and unpleasant chore here, at least for me. The water is always rough, thanks to the brisk trade winds. Not today. See for yourself...

Why do I live here, again? Oh yeah. Scroll up. When I take people up in the helicopter, one of the statements I hear the most is, "God, how many different shades of blue ARE there?!" Yup, yup. And green, too!

Nothing earth-shaking or profound to report today - just a Top-10 day from start to finish and I felt like writing...something. Plus, I took a bunch of pictures and was happy with how they came out. (More to come.)

The plane leaves tomorrow morning just after sunrise, taking The Boss and Mrs. Boss, and the guests with it. People often ask if I'm glad to see the plane go so I can have the place to myself? The honest answer is no. This place is spooky and lonely when no one's here. It's much more fun having people around.

It's Easter weekend, which is a HUGE time of celebration for Hondurans. The partying has already started. And it's not probable but it is possible...just possible that I'll have a quiet weekend. If we can get through it without anyone stabbing, shooting or otherwise maiming themself or someone else, I just might get some good suntanning time in on that beach above with the yellow kayak on it.

Come to think of it, I better get some sleep...


La Gringa said...

That first photo is ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS!

I want to steal it and post it in my blog. Can I? Can I? Pul-leeeeeze?

Bob Barbanes said...

Feel free, Gringa. But if you think that one is good, just wait ;)

Sharon Jones - sltmjones@hotmail.com said...

That was a beautifully framed photo Bob.....yes, another reason this place is so beautiful and we have to continually be reminded. I, too, take it for granted and am awaiting my first helicopter ride so that I can refresh my feeling of beauty.
Sorry to say, but usually around Easter there is at least one boat accident so keep a watch out. Hope you have a quiet weekend and hope to see you at Manati.

David said...

You are making me sooooo 'homesick'!
It IS Semana Santa, prelight and top off! Just in case.
Slather on the InfiniteX sunblock! Don't forget the tops of feet.
Uh, trust me on that one.
Have fun!

Don Ray said...

After seeing your photo on La Gringa's, I had to come look at the rest. Really great photos!

La Gringa said...

Yup! I wasted no time in posting your photo, Bob. Thank you.