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16 June 2008

The Definitive Religion Post

As I've mentioned before, churches down here in the south like to put up signs outside with cute or pithy or profound sayings on them. Sometimes they make me think, sometimes they make me chuckle.

Now this is a little extreme...

Is it any wonder why people are getting turned-off from religion?

P.S. It's fake.

There is a small church I pass on a back road on my way to work. I wish I had taken a picture of the message they put up around Mother's Day, but I did not. This is what it actually said:

A nice sentiment, right? And it's true!

But me, being the sick, twisted, mentally-unbalanced person I am, could not help but adding a line in my head. It got so bad that every time I passed that sign, this is the only way I could read it:

I know, I know...I'm incorrigible. And I probably am going to hell.

If it exists.


Church Sign Generator (Make your own!)

Speaking of mentally-unstable...

I love the look on the face of the guy on the right in the first panel. I've seen that look before...on the faces of my friends when I say something completely inane, or go off on one of my (many) rants. They get that look right before throwing their hands up in the air and storming off, muttering "Why do I even bother talking to that guy?"

Have a nice day :)


Hal Johnson said...

Yes Bob, you have one doggone twisted sense of humor. More evidence that you are, yes indeed, a real helicopter pilot.

Bob Barbanes said...

Why thank you, Hal!...I...uhh...think.

R1Tamer said...

Hey Bob,

When I look at the guy in the first frame all I seem to notice are his fists. He looks fit to drop the eccentric with a pair of haymakers.


David said...

I have the same reactions to the signs.

There's one on my route that might very well put up a, "Attend here ot go to hell" message.

They always have something negative that makes me think, "No wonder all I do is read the marqiuse."


Some of the 'Directs' are aligning against one of the other contractors in part due to his musical taste.

I've walked by his tool box a lot and never heard anything to make me ask, "What the hell is that crap?" (Classic rock, Jazz, Lost Cuts... you know, the GOOD stuff!)

I took up for him at lunch today, "Yeah, but you're wierd David!"


Uncle E said...

You may like this...

CoMeDy KiD said...

Many more sign generators @ www.CustomSignGenerator.com (make graphics online using text, upload photos or use a webcam).