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A nobody; a nitwit; a pilot; a motorcyclist; a raconteur; a lover...of life - who loves to laugh, who tries to not take myself (or anything) too seriously...just a normal guy who knows his place in the universe by being in touch with my spiritual side. What more is there?

06 November 2008

Even More Basic Instructions

God, I love the humor of Scott Meyer. Especially this strip above. (Right-click on it and open it up bigger if you're like me and cannot read the print as it appears in this blog.)

It's unusual for a cartoonist to use a term like, "Ragnarok upon us?" Who would even know what that is? By using that term (from Norse mythology and defined as "the end of the cosmos, death of the gods, flooded earth and various other natural disasters"), I had to wonder if Meyer wrote the strip after the election? And no, Ragnarok is not upon us. Yet.

I wake up every morning in a good mood. Perhaps this is because I'm single. And I don't have a cat.


Bob said...

DEFINITELY because you don't have a cat!

Glad to see I made you list, Buddy, and glad you are differentiating between the two of us. I think Debby and Hal are both in their 50s so we'll cut them some slack for getting us mixed up. I'll see if I can come up with a photo of myself.

I'm honored to share your name.

Bob Barbanes said...

Hey other Bob, watch those age jokes. *I'm* in my 50's and I get me mixed-up sometimes. Err...

Photos are good, yes. Keep blogging! I love your stories. You sound like you have a great family.

Redlefty said...

Spouse, cat... he forgot kids! Our son has been coming into our room around 5:45 a.m. for the past week or two. Grrrrrrr.

That's near-Ragnarok.

Bob Barbanes said...

Better you than me, Michael.