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13 January 2009

I Love Bonnie

My "job" is such lately that I have a lot of down time. The helicopter must be available to the Boss on a moment's notice, and he pays me well to stand-by in case he needs to go someplace. And so I do.

I'm not a fan of daytime TV. I don't watch "morning shows," game shows, soap operas, court shows, or any of the daytime talk shows like Oprah, or Ellen. But there is one show that I watch without fail.

I've already written about what a big fan I am of Bonnie Hunt. Most mornings, I do get to watch her show. It airs here in Pensacola on Fox at 9:00 am (check your local listings). Y'all know how much I love to laugh, and Bonnie does the job. I think she is just great.

Well-known TV critic, Roger Ebert thinks so too. He calls Bonnie, "...funny, direct, down-to-earth, and has real feelings." (Ebert's blog article is linked below. It's worth reading.)

Don't believe me or Roger? Check out this appearance Bonnie did on The Late Show with David Letterman in which she is talking about the the movie, "Cars," (which she was in). See if you can keep from laughing at a hilarious story she tells about her trip to the premier.

Bonnie Hunt is downright likeable. Truth be told, she's a lot like my three sisters - which is no surprise since both Bonnie and I come from large Catholic families. She is warm and funny and self-deprecating, and extremely quick with the ad-libs and one-liners. She seems like a genuinely funny person, and she sure cracks me up. And when she talks to her guests, she does seem to really care about what they have to say, not merely in how she's going to set up the next joke.

I spend an hour watching the Bonnie Hunt Show and I'm always in a better mood afterward. It's a great way to start off my day. I hope the show runs forever.

Roger Ebert's article on Bonnie Hunt

The Bonnie Hunt Show


Hal Johnson said...

Kind of a neat coincidence that you'd post this today. I had trouble sleeping last night, so I watched the movie Return to Me on the satellite last night. I'd seen it during its theatrical release, and liked it. And, I've always noticed Bonnie Hunt in any role she's acted in, but I never knew much about her. Last night, after the movie, I read about Return to Me on Amazon. Only then did I learn that not only did Bonnie Hunt act in the movie; it also marked her directorial debut.

I haven't seen her daytime show yet, but I'll be looking for it.

Redlefty said...

My mom loves her, but I've never had the chance to see a show/movie she's been in. Time to change that!

Bob said...

She was also in Jerry McGuire wasn't she? She is great. I'll have to try and catch the daytime show. Since I'm a day job guy I'll have to see if one of my kids can record it for me. Thanks for the tip.

Guanaja Sharon said...

Boy, if this doesn't make me want to have access to TV on the island! I watched the video and you are right, if you cannot be cheered up by this woman, you are in big trouble.
Thanks for the introduction, just sorry I'll never see her unless I visit my daughter in Florida!