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08 March 2009

Oh, Happy Day

A big day yesterday! Matt and Alisha got married.

I’ve mentioned Matt a lot in this blog. We’ve been friends for over ten years. And, as with any two people who’ve hung around together and done so many things for so long, of course we’ve been through a lot. I’ve watched him graduate from college, get his degree, get started on a great career, become a parent...and now get married! It’s almost been like watching my own son grow up. And yeah, we are that close. I could not have been prouder, standing up on the altar as Matt’s best man.

The wedding was beautiful and Alisha was ravishing. Matt looked as handsome as ever.

With all the ups and downs of life, it’s great to know folks for whom things are going really well, to share and revel in their successes. I generally prefer to focus on positive things rather than negative, so it’s nice to see people in happy times.

In the end, all you can do is wish them well. They’re off to a good start. Matt and Alisha are both great people, and I know they will have a wonderful future together.

I'm happy if they are.

And it looks like they are. Congratulations, guys.


Hal Johnson said...

Congratulations Matt and Alisha!

Gene said...

Congrats! Matt and Alisha. :)

Guanaja Sharon said...

I love seeing commitment in a day and age when people seem to take that lightly. Marriage is a big responsibility and a big change for both people and more people should think long and hard before they commit.
It too me 3 marriages to finally commit! HA