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03 July 2009

Billy Mays, Conclusion

I guess I should say a word about Billy Mays, the television pitchman who I made fun of in an earlier blogpost. Mr. Mays died this past Sunday, June 28th at his home in Tampa, Florida. Mays apparently died in his sleep. The doctors have so far ruled it a heart attack. He was 50. He leaves behind an ex-wife and 24 year-old son, as well as his current wife and three year-old daughter.

I wish I felt…something…about Billy Mays’ death...something other than indifference. Like I said about Michael Jackson, we live then we die. Some of us get to live a really long time and die of natural causes; others get taken “before their time,” whatever that is.

I admired Billy Mays because he was very good at what he did, even though I didn’t like it very much.

Rest in peace, Billy.


Bob said...

Well said, Bob.

Hal Johnson said...

When Dale Earnhardt died, it almost got me into a fist fight. A friend who was a rabid NASCAR fan went into a blue funk over his death, and when he asked me why I seemed unaffected, well, I had an answer for him. Six National Guard soldiers had died in a helicopter crash in Hawaii shortly before Earnhardt's death. "I think those six young people who died in Hawaii amount to a bigger tragedy than the death of a rich guy who drove cars around in circles."

Sometimes I'm a little lacking in the tact department, I suppose.