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07 April 2010

The Future of Computers

I'm assuming everyone knows what the iPad is. You'd have to be holed-up in a cave to have missed all the hoopla surrounding its introduction. Many claims have been made about the device - mostly about how it will free us from carrying around our bulky, cumbersome laptop computers all the time. And hey, I'm all for that!

Here's the commercial for the iPad.

To keep the iPad pricepoint low, Apple left off some important things. Like a camera. And a USB port. And a card reader. Nevertheless, the faithful will likely buy every one. Steve Jobs will get even wealthier. If that's possible.

It is natural to assume that the market for these "tablet" type of devices is going to heat up and get competitive.

Hewlett-Packard makes an awesome touch-screen desktop computer called the
"Touchsmart 300z." Everything is contained in one huge monitor, so there's no conventional tower cluttering up the floorspace. Simple. Clean. Uncluttered. $800. My boss has a couple of these, and they are so incredibly easy to use. You hardly need a keyboard or mouse anymore. And if you do, they are both wireless, as they should be.

H-P has decided to market a tablet similar to the iPad. It's called the Slate. Having more time to develop it, H-P addresssed the shortcomings of the iPad and did Apple one or two better. For now.

Check out this promo:

I love the docking station that it slides into.

Here is the story on the Slate from Yahoo News.

I love new technology, especially when it makes my life easier. These new tablet computers are awesome. I wasn't crazy about the iPad when it was introduced. But the Slate? I want one!


Anonymous said...

but how much will the slate cost...and when will it be available? I want to know! Later,


Bob Barbanes said...

Well, you and I both know that H-P is scrambling like mad to get this thing to the market. And...(ahem)...according to the article to which I posted a link, the Slate will probably come in at $549 and will available "this year" sometime. I didn't include those details in my blogpost because I didn't want to make it too long, which "someone" is always complaining that I do.

Some days you just can't win.

Ghost Toast said...

Whoa, new playlist-free page layout. No worries Bob, just because the rest of the world's thoughts and feelings are being reduced to 140-character snippets of inanity doesn't mean your blog has to follow suit, to heck with catering to the lowest common denominator.

Guanaja Sharon said...

Ok, Ok, so I live in a cave! Well, not exactly....on an island that you are familiar with!

As to the iPad or iPod, I haven't a clue because we can't use it here and are back in the dawn of time. Heck, we only got cell phones a few years back!

Anyway, it all sounds like too many toys for boys! The Touchsmart sounds cool, and I only learn about these "important" developments when people like you blog about them and I read the blog!

So, we are backwards here but enjoying the serenity!

Miss ya.