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23 July 2010

Here We Go Again...

I wonder- have I already made a post with this title? Because it seems that history just keeps repeating and repeating for us here in Pensacola. Why do I say that? Feast your eyes on the image below (taken from http://www.intellicast.com/ where I get most of my weather info).

Yes, it's Tropical Storm Bonnie! Right now, as we speak it is entering the Gulf of Mexico. The winds are 40 to 50 mph - not a terribly bad storm.

But look at that projected track! *IF* the storm were to hold on that exact track (it won't), it would pass right over Mississippi Canyon 252, the site of a certain oil well blowout you may have heard of.

Wherever the storm goes, left or right of the currently predicted track, it's going to churn up the gulf waters. What effect this has on that big slug of oil still sitting out there east of the mouth of the river is unknown.

But it's gonna be interesting!


alliance said...

So bro. Why are you in the gulf helping out? Aren't you part of some emergency response team? Or taking the scientists out for a ride over the water to assess the damage or extent of the plume or just to count all the little creatures?

Bob Barbanes said...

Why *are*...or why *aren't* I in the gulf helping out? In any event, those days are over. My only connection to the Gulf of Mexico now is when I lie on the beach.