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09 September 2010

The Most Interesting Man In The World

The most interesting man in the world... on Rollerblading:


Oh man, you know me and TV commercials.

The ad agency representing Dos Equis beer has created an ad campaign that is friggin' hilarious: "The Most Interesting Man In The World." He's an older, very sophisticated, worldly gent, always in the company of young, beautiful women. With gentle flamenco music playing in the background, he is described somberly by the same guy who narrates all those PBS "Frontline" programs.

"He lives vicariously...through himself."

"His blood...smells like cologne."

"The police often question him...just because they find him interesting."

"He has been known to cure narcolepsy...just by walking into a room."

I've always found the commercials funny. They're filmed darkly, with only the subject lit up. They often use flashback footage of TMIMITW when he was younger and darker-haired.

HERE is the Wikipedia story about the campaign. I can't believe it's been running since 2006!

Then at 8:15 PDT this morning my friend Hal Johnson facebooked: "Got my wife and son out the door this morning, and for once, I didn't feel like I was herding cats. It's time for a breakfast burrito and a Dos Equis." And I thought to myself, "Beer, so early in the morning? How interesting!" (I don't think he was kidding, either.)


Hal Johnson said...

No, I wasn't kidding. I love my wife and son so much it hurts, but sheesh, getting them off to work and school really feels like trying to herd cats most mornings. So, when they actually left EARLY this morning, and I didn't have to worry about my wife hurrying on a curvy road, I thought it reason to celebrate.

Just one, though. I have a date with a chainsaw and a weedcutter.

Capt. Schmoe said...

As one who gets off work in the morning, I and some friends used to occasionally stop on the way home from work for Mexican breakfast and a few beers.

I liked it because if I had a few too many, I could sleep until 4 or so, pick up a few things, eat a few aspirin and have another beer to cure my hangover, then be good for the go when my wife got home from work.

Fortunately, it didn't happen too often, but things worked out well when it did.

Ahhh, to be 25 again!

Bob said...

So funny you would write about this. A guy at work sent me an e-mail on a Friday afternoon recently, told me to have a good weekend and "Stay thirsty, my friend." I thought that odd, then I saw the commercial a few days later!

Dos Equis with a slice of lime is pure heaven . . . but can't do it in the morning. I think my wife would worry about me.