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29 May 2011

Changes In (Actual) Latitude

Here is the forecast for the next ten days for Pensacola, FL courtesy of Intellicast:

Yee-ikes! 90's? "Extreme" UV index? Oh my. As much as I love Pensacola (most of the time) I'm glad I'm not there now.

Where am I? A little town called Brewster, Washington which is about halfway between Seattle (to our west) and Spokane (to our east). We're in a valley amid the Wenatchee Mountains. Not only is the country quite beautiful here, the weather is quite pleasant.

Here is the current 10-Day Forecast for Brewster, Washington:

Now that's better! We do have a chance of a few showers coming up this week - but so far it's been great. Love the mild temps and low humidity.

Here are a couple of shots of the area. It's fascinating for me because this is one part of the country that I have inexplicably not seen before- even though as my sibs and I were growing up my parents took us on camping trips all over the place. Just not here.

River basin where the Okanogan and Columbia Rivers come together

Looking west along the Columbia River (Lake Pateros)

Okanogan River


Redlefty said...

Ha, I compared my house to Pensacola and we're averaging 6 degrees hotter with 20% higher humidity. Same UV index of 11.

Gotta love Houston.

Enjoy the northwest!

Hal Johnson said...

Yeah, places like that sure beckon when Redding is hitting 108 in August. You can throw that "Yeah, but it's dry heat" out the window when it gets above 105. Then, it's just damn hot.

Nice pics.

Bob said...

OK, so are you going to tell us what took you to Brewster, WA?????

Bob Barbanes: said...

Bob, ask and you shall receive!