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14 January 2012

Quitting...and Unquitting

That’s not an old picture of me with the Bell 206 I used to fly. Nope, it was taken today, Saturday, January 12th. Your assumption is therefore correct: I’m back at my old job.

Generally I believe that when you quit a job you should stay quit. But you know how the universe is: It sometimes doesn’t care what we think.

The pilot who took my place (let’s call him “R,” for replacement) was let go. Just didn’t work out. The boss listed a bunch of reasons, but they weren’t anything he hadn’t bitched at me about when I was there. I think the actual reason was simply that the boss and R just didn’t “click.” I sort of sensed it as I was bringing R up to speed before I left, but I hoped that they would get along okay as they got to know each other. They didn’t. The chemistry just wasn’t right.

Originally, I was just going to do a couple of days of part-time helicopter flying while R was off flying the jet. That went okay, but afterward the boss called and said he had to let R go (right at Christmas time, naturally). He asked if I’d continue on a more regular part-time situation, and I agreed. But I quickly saw that it would be better all around if I were just on the payroll. The good thing about this time is that both the boss and I know that I can walk away at any time. Not saying I will or even that I would, but I can. It’s a nice feeling.

The reason I decided to go back on full-time status is that there is a lot to do. The helicopter is coming up on its Annual Inspection soon, and we have some components that need to be replaced and overhauled. If I’m going to coordinate all of this stuff I might as well get paid for it. Nevertheless I am only back until spring. In May I am going back up to Brewster, Washington to dry cherries again, which I do more for the fun than the money. What my boss in Alabama will do with N206TH while I’m gone is not my concern.

Things have always been weird with me…so unpredictable. I cannot explain it. I will work for my old boss for the next couple of months, and then go up to Washington for a couple of months. After that…who knows? I have learned over the years to not ask too many questions, but rather to just go with the flow.


Mike Morris said...

Good to see you are doing well. Sounds like you've managed to eliminate some of the stress you had with the job.

A. Helicopter Pilot said...

It's great to hear that you are back doing something you are passionate about. Though only temporary, it's always a good feeling to be needed!

Debby said...

I read this, and I thought "It's kind of cool that he has a life that he can do what he does for the fun of it." I hope that you realize what a charmed life you have.

Bob Barbanes: said...

Debby, yes, I absolutely do understand and acknowledge how blessed I've been. It is, to coin a phrase, a wonderful life :)