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13 February 2012

Me and the Modern World

You know my attitude towards phones: I hate 'em. But sometimes you've just got to go with the flow.

I’d been putting off getting a smart phone. I wanted one; I just couldn’t see committing two years of my life to AT&T or Verizon and jumping on the iPhone bandwagon. And the expense! How on earth do people justify cell phone bills of $100/month? I couldn’t do it. My phone/cable/internet bill at home is only $60/month, but still! Do I look rich? Do I look like I have money to burn?

My friend Mikey had the solution. Walmart was selling a Samsung Galaxy smart phone for $150. With it comes a "Straight Talk" no-contract plan with unlimited talk, text and internet for $45/month. No, it’s not the latest-and-greatest, gee-whiz technological marvel (i.e. it’s not the Galaxy IIs), and it’s only a 3g phone, and it uses the Sprint network. But for what I need it adequately fills the bill. For now. It remains to be seen if it works up in the hinterlands of Washington State. I may grudgingly become an iPhone convert after all.

As a pilot it’s great having access to real-time weather, of course. But there are so many cool features! One of the other neat things about this Android phone is the ability to compose text messsages by just speaking them. Very handy when driving. Not that I’d ever do that.

Having the internets in your pocket is neat – as nearly everybody on the planet already knows. How did we live without these things? I am an unashamed convert. To which everyone will say, “Took you long enough!”


Bob said...

My family still scoffs at my handy little flip phone.

Bob Barbanes: said...

Bob, I would by lying if I said that peer-pressure did not play a part in me getting a smart phone. All the cool pilots seem to have them! And me, with my clunky old, no-camera flip-phone. I looked so...so...1996.

I just don't understand how people with iPhones justify them - especially the ones who I know are not in the greatest financial shape to begin with. Priorities, I guess...

Mike Morris said...

Welcome to the "Modern World" Bob. It's crazy what you can do with technology these days. I've got flight instructors who use the iPad for a kneeboard. It's spiffy. It's interesting where we've been and where we're headed.

Bob Barbanes: said...

Mike, funny you should say that! Why, just today...wait, I think I'll make a post about it ;)

But you're right.

Mike Morris said...

Haha quite the coincidence Bob!