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14 May 2012

The President and Gay Marriage

I’m not all that political, and I generally stay away from political issues in this blog.  To me, both parties are equally bad.  They both blame each other for the State Of Things.  But if you think about it, nothing ever gets done when either party holds a majority.  Nothing ever changes.  If McCain had gotten elected instead of Obama, we'd likely be in EXACTLY the same shape today: The economy would be just as bad, gas prices would be just as high.  We don't live in an economic vacuum here in the U.S. 

So although I don't get all riled-up over politics, sometimes I just can’t help but commenting on certain bits of lunacy we have to deal with.

For instance, President Obama’s recent announcement that he is now for gay marriage. It caused quite the stir in the media, even moving to tears the very gay and very vocal Andrew Sullivan, he the well-known author and former editor of The New Republic Magazine and now owner of a blog called "The Dish" where he apparently posted about this issue according to Yahoo News.

I’m not sure it’s a tear-worthy announcement. Because to me…hey, call me cynical…Obama’s sudden change-of-heart seems…ohhhh, I don’t know…fake? Contrived? Manipulative?

President Obama knows he’s still got the black vote in the admittedly tight 2012 presidential contest.  But even with the black vote he could lose to Romney...especially if Romney were more, you know, Republican - which could happen I suppose as we move closer to the election.  And the gay vote?  Well, Mitt Romney, staunch Mormon that he is, absolutely, positively will not “come out” in favor of gay marriage. No friggin’ way.  So there's also no way that any gay person in this universe will vote for Romney.

Let's just say I’m more than a little suspicious of Obama’s epiphany.

But seriously, why is this even an issue?  Our government is supposed to be free from religious influence, right? I mean, it’s right there in the First Amendment. And that being the case, why should anyone’s religious views hold sway in any governmental matter? In other words, I don’t care what it says in your Bible, or by your pastor, or by your God. (In fact, I’m not at all convinced that God ever “spoke” to anyone at any time, ever in the history of this planet.) My Bible or your Bible or your Koran or Book of Voodoo or whatever is not what guides our lawmakers. Or shouldn’t be.

Look, it’s simple: If two consenting adult humans wish to be “married” in a strictly civil and legal sense, why can’t they be? Why do we have to bring religion into the deal? If the two people are not asking to be married in a church but rather in City Hall, what’s the damn problem?  Don't we have more important things to concern ourselves with?

And no, it does not put us on a slippery slope. No, we are not going to have to allow men to marry sheep, or dogs, or inanimate objects…or robots…or children. I said “two consenting ADULT HUMANS.” Why would anyone have a problem with that? I sure don’t.

Having said all that, hey, it’s great that Obama now feels the same way. I’m not exactly moved to tears by the announcement, but at least it’s a step in the right direction. Still, it strikes me as more than a little bit phony given the timing. But like I said, maybe that’s just my terminal skepticism and cynicism kicking in.

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Anonymous said...

I think it is politicaly motivated but im into consperisy (spelling incorrect) theorys like the IRS is here to help us, the FAA is kinder and nicer, or the goverment is governed by the will of the people, not the ones i know