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11 July 2012

Changing The Weather

Above, you see Accuweather’s extended forecast for Omak, Washington (the nearest big town to me). You’ll notice that of the 25 days depicted (including today) there is *no* rain in the forecast. The only day that looks less-than-sunny is July 18th.

The contract Taylor and I are on goes through the middle of August. It looks like we might be done, flying-wise. However, all extended forecasts are just a guess, and the various weather service providers have been notoriously bad about forecasting for this area. Still, I don’t see much rain headed our way in any case.

I’ve been mulling over different routes to take back home. As hot as it’s been so far, I’m not sure I want to plunge southward right away. I may want to stay north, or find a way to go down through the Rockies so I can stay in higher elevations where there ostensibly would be cooler temperatures. Or maybe it'll cool off some by the middle of August.

One potential route takes me down through Yellowstone and the Tetons, all of which I’ve always wanted to see. So I think I’ll go that way down to Denver, then kind of wind my way down to Amarillo and then eastbound to Ft. Worth, Texas and beyond. That route works out to be about 2,725 miles. At 600 miles per day, it’ll take five days to get home. But there is no hurry; I’m allowing for seven.

I’m really not sure what my plans are upon returning to Pensacola. Since the first of the year I’d been flying again for my old boss (the job I quit to come up here to Washington last year). The guy he hired to replace me did not work out. But I didn’t want the job when I quit before, did not really want it back, and I don’t really want it now. One of the guys up here asked me how much money it would take for me to want it? I replied that I didn’t think there was enough money on the planet. But you know…if the boss threw a whole barrelful of cash at me (and maybe a company car) I might be inclined to stay. Or maybe not. In any case, I just don’t think that’s going to happen.

Like the extended weather forecast, things have a way of changing.


Michael Morris said...

I don't put stock in forecasts more than 10 days and I still don't really trust them over 3 days.

Just get on the road and head eastward and let it take you where it will. I do that sometimes. I ended up West of Phoenix in Wickenburg once eating ice cream at this quaint little shop.

If you don't like the job don't do it, but I think the trick for staying away is to find something else. That way when your old boss comes calling you can tell him you're busy. Money isn't worth selling your soul to a job that you don't like.

Bob Barbanes: said...

Heh, Michael I *did* find someone to take my place - last time. He lasted eight months. Boss let him go and called me "asking" me to return. Inadvisably, I did. Won't make that mistake a second time.

I do have "something else" to go back to in Pensacola - I just haven't written about it here. Perhaps I will.

And I agree with you about the weather forecasts...except...summers are really, really dry here in central Washington. If we get much more rain before the end of picking season I'll be very surprised. But we'll see!

Craig said...


If you DO come through Fort Worth and have time to stop and chat about dads and HRS's - lunch or dinner is on me.

Anonymous said...

Bob, my advice to you would just be to shoot yourself, but you're too much of an asshole to relieve the planet of your idiocy.