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03 January 2013

Idiots and Morons

Why do we even bother reading these “pundits” whose columns appear in our local newspapers? They’re often so full of shit that it boggles the mind.

Take Cal Thomas. Please. His column regularly runs on the right-hand side of the Pensacola News Journal/Birdcage Liner’s editorial page. In today’s essay he talks about evil and our duty to acknowledge its existence. Specifically he is referring to the recent Connecticut school shooting. He mentions obvious solutions, like locked doors and armed guards, but then he says:

"Sandy Hook’s doors were reportedly secured, but the shooter still managed to somehow gain access."

Umm, say what? “…Managed to somehow gain access?” Yes, that’s what he said.

Had Cal Thomas not read anything about the incident?? Does he *not* know the type of weapons Adam Lanza was carrying?? For it was widely reported at the time that “the shooter,” shot his way through the locked doors of Newtown Elementary School to gain access. “Somehow?” That’s how. Unbelievable, I know; I never would have figured that out on my own.

There is more to Thomas’ idiotic ranting, but I’ll leave it at that.

When I read the words of supposedly-smart idiots like Cal “I’ve written ten books!” Thomas and that moron, Charles Krauthammer, I’m reminded of the words of Richard Feynman, a Nobel Prize-winning scientist: “I believe that a scientist looking at non-scientific problems is just as dumb as the next guy.”

You know, maybe we’re all just “the next guy.” And if that’s the case, maybe *I* should have my own newspaper column. I'm just as good at writing crap as Cal Thomas.


Anonymous said...

I think it simply eludes to the fact that numerous guns and other devices could gain access to locked doors, not just AR 15's.I Given the fact that there were windows abound even Ernest T Bass could get in.

Anonymous said...

elude = allude....NOT!

Anonymous said...

Please pardon my spelling error, the facts remain the same. If that is your only rebuttal it is weak at best.

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