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28 February 2013

The War On Guns

Father Of Newtown Victim: Ban Assault Weapons

So I guess the families of the victims of the December shooting at that school in Connecticut are determining our country's gun policy now. Every time a misguided, misinformed sobbing parent testifies somewhere he or she gets paraded in front of a national audience by the liberal, anti-gun media in an attempt to garner sympathy and get our anti-gun juices flowing.

Just such a sobbing parent was the focus of that Associated Press article linked at the top of this post.

Okay, I get it. Really. You lost a child. It is a horrible, unbearably painful thing. You have my deepest, most sincere sympathies. I am sorry for your loss. I cannot even imagine how you must feel.

During his inauguration speech, President Obama mentioned gun control. “Gabby” Giffords should have a vote, he said. The families of the Newtown, Connecticut shooting victims should have a vote, he said.

Well...why only them? What about me? Don’t I get a vote? I and the other millions of NRA members…don’t *we* get a vote? What about all the millions of gun owners in the country who don't happen to be NRA members...don't they get a vote?

How come it seems that the only people the president wants to have a vote are those who oppose guns? How come the president wants us to think that every American now considers guns to be bad and that “it’s time” to change the laws on what guns the American public can…or should…own?

Not all of us do.

Not all of us think that guns are evil. Not all of us want to see them banned. Or even restricted. Not all of us live in cities full of sophisticated, snooty, highly-educated people with lot of police around to enforce the law…you know, places like New York City, and Washington D.C., and Chicago.

Wait - hang on. Don’t those cities already have some of the strictest gun laws in the country? How come the rate of gun violence is so high there? Oh right, because CRIMINALS DON’T OBEY LAWS. Heh, silly me.

Gun violence is no higher now than it’s ever been. It’s just that every single shooting anywhere in the country gets on the national news networks faster than you can say Adam Lanza, making us all think that these shooting are becoming rampant.

The shooting in Newtown, Connecticut is not a “tipping point” as far as I’m concerned. We do not have an “epidemic” of school shootings…or even mass shootings (in which more than four people are killed). We do not need to change any laws; we have enough of them, thank you very much.

And we continue to hear calls for the government to ban “assault weapons” even though this is an incredibly dumb concept. Many, many rifles that do not qualify as an “assault weapon” have the EXACT SAME semi-automatic characteristics, shoot the EXACT SAME bullets and have the EXACT SAME (or higher) magazine capacity. The “assault weapon” classification is arbitrary at best. Basically, the government wants to ban the evil AR-15…presumably because it’s so scary-looking but not because it is any deadlier than any other rifle that shoots the tiny .22 caliber bullet.

Are you people really that stupid? Really?

1 comment:

Greybeard said...

We're on the same page.
When I get into a gun-control discussion with someone I always ask, "Why did the Founding Fathers insure we had that right?"
They never answer correctly.

Decisions made when you are emotionally distraught are frequently a mistake.
We're headed in the correct direction with concealed carry.
Let's "carry" on!