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21 December 2017

How Fast Do We Really Need Things?

I do not own a Keurig coffeemaker. I've thought about buying one, but decided against it. My friend, Terry owns a Keurig and loves it. And honestly it makes a pretty good cup of coffee.

I make coffee the old-fashioned way: Folger's Instant.  I think it tastes pretty good.  The entire process from boiling the water to first sip takes, what, three minutes, tops? I could put the cup of water in the microwave, but even that really doesn't save all that much time. And since I don't usually have only coffee in the morning, and there are always other breakfast things to take care of while the water heats up.

So I don't see a Keurig as a huge time-saver.

Not to mention the price. Well okay, let's mention it. The cheapest Keurig that Walmart sells is $50. The individual “K-Cup” pods are about $6.00 for 12, making it about fifty cents per cup. Add $0.25 per cup to cover the cost of the machine and it would take 200 cups to pay it off. So, $0.75 per cup of coffee that I make at home? I don't think so! Even fifty cents per cup is a lot when you think about it. Too much to pay for convenience? Yep.

Like I said, I buy Folger's Instant. I get about 100 cups or so out of the container which costs $5.72. About $0.05 per cup. Five cents.  

Even though I live in a house, kitchen counter space is limited. Having a Keurig would just take up too much space by a device that I would likely use only once a day, briefly at that. It doesn't make sense. The incredible popularity of this thing escapes me.


Ed said...

I'm not a coffee drinker so I save even the $0.05. Despite that, I think there is a rather large black market of refilling the K-cups with cheaper stuff on your own.

Bob said...

I’m with you - why would anyone go to all the time and trouble. But then again, I’m a non-coffee drinker, so who I am I to say? But I’m
all in favor of one less item on the kitchen counter.

Best Gift said...
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