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29 July 2008

Love and Hate and My iPod

This will just go to show you how easily amused I am. I was playing around on iTunes this afternoon (buying more music, naturally) when I got to looking at the playlist on my iPod and saw how many songs have the word "love" in the title: 9 of 234. This doesn't count the songs that are about love but don't mention it directly.

It should come as no surprise that many of the songs are about love. It’s a favorite topic of songwriters. But when I saw the titles and how they were organized, it made me laugh.

So here, in order of appearance, are Bob’s downloaded songs about love:

”Love Epidemic” (The Trammps)
“The Love I Lost” (Harold Melvin and the Bluenotes)
“Love Is Blue” (Paul Mauriat and His Orchestra)
“Love Is Just A Four-Letter Word” (Joan Baez)
“Love To Hate You” (Erasure)
“Lovely To See You” (The Moody Blues)

You might conclude that I like sappy, albeit conflicted songs about love. Eh- perhaps. (Although my image as a hard-rocking, head-banger just took a serious hit, it pains me to notice.)

There are also the more up-tempo love songs:

“Burning Love” (Elvis Presley),
“I Was Made To Love Her” (Stevie Wonder) and
“If I Didn’t Love You” (Squeeze).

There is no accounting for musical taste.

Before drawing any conclusions though, I should tell you that at one time I had eleven…yes, eleven different versions of the Buddy Holly song, “Well All Right” on my iPod. Eleven. You didn’t think there were that many versions of one song, especially such an obscure song as that, did you? Neither did I. I don't think The Beatles' "Something" was covered as much (it was).


Anonymous said...

What?! No "Love Shack", Bob?


Bob Barbanes said...

Considered it, kman. Didn't make the cut - what can I tell you? Maybe "Summer of Love?" I like "Roam" better though.

Hal Johnson said...

Oh yeah, "Roam" is the better song.

Redlefty said...

Since you had Elvis I wondered about "Love me Tender". Ultra-simple song but he's just so smooth with it. Your songs are all great, though.