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02 October 2008

Sonic Ads Redux

Pete Grosz, TJ Jagodowski, Brian Huskey and Molly Erdman
The Sonic Gang - so they do know each other!

Well those nutjobs at Sonic Drive-In are at it again. Not content to just leave their clever t.v. commercials alone, they went and expanded them. They're turning them into a regular soap opera.

The new series of ads (called "The Stalls") is being rolled out during the running of a show on MTV called "The Hills." This is according to
Molly Erdman's blog. Molly is the very funny woman who plays in the "husband and wife" Sonic spots. She is on the right in the above picture if you had any doubt (sorry I stole it, Molly).

The new ad is interesting. For one thing, it defines the relationship of the two guys in the SUV (just friends). For another, it hints of a relationship with a woman for the...uh...less sharp of the two (TJ Jagodowski). Molly says there are more interesting things to come.

I know not everyone finds these commercials humorous, but I do. With their wacky spontaneity, they make me laugh. Here's the latest one. (By the way, you probably will want to turn the music off - if you haven't already, that is.)

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