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04 December 2009


It's not that I'm terrified of bugs, but I really don't like them. My last place was "fairly" bug-free. Oh, the occasional stray would waltz in once in a while but he would be swiftly dealt with. Spiders were tough to completely eradicate. Roaches...well, this is Florida...

My theory is that if you see one roach there's probably a thousand just like him you don't see. So I have a very proactive approach to bug control, inside and out. Malathion is my weapon of choice for the outside. It works! My problem was that I'd spray it so, um, enthusiastically that the pungent aroma of malathion would linger for weeks. (Well, I did mix it a "little" more strongly than the package recommended.)

This new house is absolutely bug-free. Matt and I "bombed" it when it was empty. I can go into the bathroom or come out in the kitchen late and night and be confident that nothing will be scurrying when I turn the light on.

But this morning I was surprised to see this crawling on my dining room rug when I got up:


I don't know what it is, or how it even got in the house. What I do know is that it is a dead something now. And I hope there aren't any more like him in here.


Anonymous said...

He was just cold! and you had to go and murder him, you bastard!

I saw those occasionally out back but I never saw one in the house, that is pretty odd.



Bob Barbanes said...

You used to see those in the backyard...NOW you tell me?? Maybe it had something to do with me leaving the back door open yesterday (I like it cool in here).

NOW you tell me?

Gene said...

Very difficult to identify what bug this is. Looks to be a "dry" bug. Perhaps a distant cousin of the praying mantis.

Debby said...

Class: Hemiptera

These are 'sucking' insects, with siphon mouth parts. In any case, the one thing that I can surely say is that the fact that you have bugs of this size really sucks. Not to seem unsympathetic, better you than me. Of course, I might be biased.