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11 January 2010

The Basic Instructions Continue

You know how much I love "Basic Instructions" by Scott Meyer. Reading the comic this morning literally had me convulsing in fits of laughter, coffee spewing out of my nose. "B.I." is consistently funny and smart. I love when things actually make me laugh out loud, not just type it. Sunday's strip is particularly brilliant.

The concept behind "Omnipresent Man" is genius. I love the Google Maps locator pin/superhero logo on his costume, not to mention the little "dig" at law experts. Ending it with Scott getting in trouble (as usual) with Missy is hilarious. Damn!

Usually I just post the actual comic and leave it at that. But here is a screenshot of my computer.

You can see that our temperature in friggin' PENSACOLA, FLORIDA at 8:00 this morning was 21 degrees. Again. I'm not complaining, mind you, just sayin'.

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Debby said...

The killer is that your temps were about the same as ours in Pennsylvania. The pictures coming out of Florida are shocking. Gotta say, Bob, if I were you, I would be complaining. It's just how I roll.