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12 February 2010

In Praise of Betty White

The above picture was taken from an episode of the defunct tv series, "Boston Legal." It appears on many websites in many forms with many snarky captions, mostly concerning old people and the need to not piss them off. I'm sure you can come up with a few of your own right off the top of your head. It's great because it so goes against our image of Betty White. The wholesome, innocent Rose Nyland. The animal lover. Mrs. Nice Guy.

It seems like Betty White has been on television forever. And she's always been funny. She's so great. You've just got to love her. She's even a good sport. There's a commercial for Snickers candy bars with her and Abe Vigoda. Watch...

Such a fantastic commercial! Even if you pause the video it hard to see how they did it. Clever editing. At least let us hope they really didn't tackle Betty White. But God love her for letting herself be portrayed like that.

I found another commercial for Snickers that's pretty good too. (You know how I am about tv.)

Yes, that's really Aretha Franklin and really Liza Minnelli.


Ryan said...

Betty White is the Queen of all that if you ask me.

Thinking about that beer and a ride over Pensacola!!

How you been Bob?

Bob Barbanes said...

Well I'm always up for a beer, so as we say here in Florida, "COME ON DOWN!!" Or...is that, "Come on up!!"