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25 February 2010

(Wo)Man V. Mammal

Look, it's called a KILLER whale, okay? KILLER. They're not our friends...not our pets...not cute, little (big) playthings that we can train to give us piggyback (whaleyback?) rides.

What part of KILLER WHALE did you not understand?

CNN Story


Bob said...

Ain't it the truth!?

It's tragic beyond words but every time someone is killed by a wild animal that was created to live wild and NOT in confinement, there's this big shock wave that goes out and, like you, I'm left saying, *HUH*?

Anonymous said...

What I don't get it this is the third trainer this whale has killed and they are going to keep using it in the shows...yeah, sign me up for that job, ever heard of three strikes...



Redlefty said...

Well she was just petting the killer whale on the side of the pool, and didn't jump in the water with him. That should be perfectly safe, right?


I'm with you Bob. I'm surprised that they're surprised.

Debby said...

Their outfits make them look like killer whales. They become one with the killer whales. They have bonded, Bob. You cannot hope to understand this. Somewhere there is a trainer rolling her eyes at you and shaking her head so hard that her pony tail...ooopsy.

Bob Barbanes said...

Debby, that is just wrong. So very, very wrong. But, um, LOL anyway :)

Ryan said...

very well said bob!