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01 March 2011

The TSA: Nazi America

The TSA ought to be dissolved, no doubt about it. They are not keeping us "safe" from "terrorists." They abuse their power, subject ordinary citizens to intrusive searches and, more importantly, generate a gnawing, uncomfortable feeling of paranoia among the people. We see "terrorists" hiding behind every lamp post.

One recent example of this idiocy happened just before Valentines Day. A group of people who had traveled to Savannah, Georgia BY TRAIN were corralled by the TSA and forced to undergo their famous "enhanced" screening. Women, children...everyone got the special pat-down. Oh yeah, this was AFTER THEY HAD GOTTEN OFF the train. That's right, not before boarding as you might expect. After the train had arrived at the destination. Passengers getting off the train would normally not even be required to enter the station building if they chose not to, but the TSA wasn't having that! Nope, everyone was forced to come inside for a search. Papers? Vear are your papers? Vee must zee your papers.

Free country? Not anymore.

Fortunately, in this day of digital recording and instant posting to Facebook and YouTube, the event was captured for posterity. Take a look...

And you can read the AOL NEWS story about this travesty HERE.

The TSA says it was a "VIPR" operation, whatever that is. Let's go to the TSA website!

Visible Intermodal Protection and Response (VIPR) teams consist of a combination of STSIs, Federal Air Marshals, explosive-detection canine teams, Aviation Security Inspectors, and Transportation Security Officers. The teams provide a random, announced, high-visibility surge into a transit agency, in addition to enhancing agency resources during special events.

In other words, a show of force. Just letting the American public know that the TSA is on the job! You know, keeping us safe! from the bad guys.

The really disturbing thing about all this mess is how easily the American public acquiesce to being treated like criminals. Oh yes, all in the name of safety and security. We should keep in mind that the first word in TSA is "transportation." They've already taken control of air travel and trains; how long until the TSA expands its reach and starts limiting, monitoring or otherwise controlling automobile travel? How long until we have TSA checkpoints on Interstate highways at the state lines? The Interstates are part of a federally-funded transportation system, you know. Oh, you think it couldn't happen? Think again.

Look, we supposedly live in a free society. The government cannot hope to prevent all or even any "terrorist" attacks. Crazy people are going to do crazy things. And sometimes innocent citizens are going to get hurt or killed. That's just life. I don't walk around worried that some nut is going to suicide-bomb my ass into oblivion. It might happen, yes. That's the price we pay for that free society. And I don't want to live in a country where everyone is suspected of being a terrorist until proven otherwise. That's not the America envisioned by our Founding Fathers. That's the Germany of a certain guy named A. Hitler. You remember wacky, ol' Adolph, dontcha? No? Ask your parents or grandparents. I'll bet they do.

If we expect or task the government with protecting every citizen from every possible threat, then we might as well give up our rights and call this place Nazi America. It seems like we're awfully close to being there right now.

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Guanaja Sharon said...

One wonders how far the government will be allowed to go. Yes, I agree, searching a 9-year old seems rather silly and also searching through suitcases after one gets off the train! As far as to how much the public will take - well, I don't know that we have much say in the matter. The TSA is a government agency and how does one, individually or as a group, go about changing their tactics? I've seen old people in wheel chairs searched, luggage gone through out of sight of the public where anything can be removed because the "deem" it dangerous. I just wonder how many bomb threats they have actually avoided. They seem to react AFTER someone has attempted to set off a bomb and were not caught prior to the act. I want to be as secure as the next guy but to what extent?