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14 April 2012

More On Trayvon Martin Reporting

You would think that by now the media would at least have their story straight on the Trayvon Martin shooting. Nope! An April 14th article in USA TODAY shows that the media have their own narrative about what happened that night and by God they’re sticking to it!

Here’s what USA Today’s Yamiche Alcindor wrote in today's

Trayvon, 17, was shot and killed on Feb. 26 in Sanford, Fla., as he was returning to a gated community after buying candy at a nearby store. The gunman, George Zimmerman, whose father is white and mother is Hispanic, now faces a charge of second-degree murder.

I have already shown using Google Maps and Bing that there are no convenience stores “nearby”…none within two miles of where Trayvon was shot. It was raining that night. Are we to assume that Trayvon walked a total of four miles in the rain just to buy a box of Skittles? Come on.

Secondly, what the hell does the ethnicity of Zimmerman's parents have to do with anything??

Blacks have already made up their mind about this case. They're making a big deal of the fact that Zimmerman is "white" and Martin is black. Well, from the tone of this USA TODAY article, can we assume (would it be racist of me?) that Yamiche Alcindor is black…and therefore prejudiced against Zimmerman? Some objective reporter! Nah, that would be unfair of me!

More from the article:

Trayvon was "profiled" by Zimmerman, who "falsely assumed (Trayvon) was going to commit a crime" as the teen was trying to get back to the home of his father's girlfriend, according to public filings by Florida special prosecutor Angela Corey. The documents portray Zimmerman as the aggressor throughout the incident, remarking to police at one point that people like Trayvon were "punks" causing trouble in his neighborhood.

Alcindor does not make it clear that the statements are from the special prosecutor’s charges and are not yet established as fact. (Trying the case in the media, Ms. Corey?) We do not know that Zimmerman “falsely assumed” that Trayvon was going to commit a crime. Perhaps Martin was going to commit a crime. We have no idea what Martin was doing out at that hour. Zimmerman may have assumed that Martin was going to commit a crime, but we don't know that it was a false assumption.

Alcindor goes on:

After spotting Trayvon, Zimmerman called 911, got out of his vehicle, and followed the teen. Zimmerman then "disregarded the police dispatcher" and chased Trayvon as he was trying to return home, the records say.

Oh dear Lord, here we go again. First of all, if you listen to the 911 call Zimmerman made to the police, at no time does it appear that he was chasing Martin down. Following him, yes. But then Zimmerman comments that Martin is coming toward him. Also, as I've previously pointed out, the police dispatcher did *not* tell Zimmerman to stop following Martin. All the dispatcher said was, “Okay, we don’t need you to do that.” Zimmerman was not working for the Sanford P.D. and therefore would not have had to comply with any instructions. A dispatcher saying, “We don’t need you to do that” to a neighborhood watch guy is NOT the same as ordering him to stand down.

We should be able to trust the media. We want to be able to trust the media. But in the Trayvon Martin case “the media” has shown us just how biased and untrustworthy they are. Everyone assumes that they “know” what went down that night. And in reality none of us do. You can make up your own mind. Me, I’m going to wait for the trial.

Oh, and just so you know? In the interest of full disclosure, I found a picture of ace reporter Yamiche Alcindor! Here ya go!

What a fucking surprise.


Anonymous said...

You are nit-picking at exaggerations to make some kind of a point. So what if he wasn't "chasing" after him? Why was he following him? Why did he shoot and kill him? I really don't give a rip what some black reporter says about this thing. Why do you? When a white guy kills an unarmed black guy, tempers are going to run high. A guy was shot and killed. Has it occured to you that maybe we should try and figure out what the hell happened? Your silly little crusade against an exaggerating reporter doesn't mean the guy didn't do anything wrong. So one black reporter is now "the media"? You also like to try spin things around to help your case. But most importantly, you also seem to have already made up your mind, which is exactly what you are accusing "the media" of doing. Hello. Where he bought his candy, whether he was being followed or chased and whether Zimmerman was told to back off or not doesn't matter one damn bit. A kid is dead and I think we should find out WHY. Get a grip.

Anonymous said...

A black reporter tries to slant an article in favor of black guy. A white guy comes down on the side side of the guy who killed him. What a f****** surprise!