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03 April 2012

The Trayvon Martin Shooting Circus

Heh. So the news media are falling all over themselves so badly to get any angle on the shooting of Trayvon Martin that they are making fools of themselves.

First, NBC edited George Zimmerman’s 911 call to the police to make Zimmerman appear more racist. When called on it, NBC News went, "Oopsie!" and is now doing an “internal investigation” to see…oh dear!...how on earth that could have happened.

Yeah. Right.

Then ABC News originally aired some video showing Zimmerman being brought to the police station in Sanford, Florida. From that raw video, ABC News concluded…concluded! that Zimmerman was uninjured and that his story must therefore be bogus. Solved that case!

But then…

Someone at ABC must’ve thought better of it. Someone must’ve said, “Hey, you pinheads, surveillance camera video isn’t all that good. And aren’t we supposed to report the news…ohhhhh, what’s the word…ACCURATELY???” Whoever it was had the News Division see if they could clarify that video. Which they did. And guess what? Now ABC News is saying that, well…ahem…err, yes it does appear that Zimmerman has injuries to the back of his head consistent with his statement to the police.

What?! Why I oughtta…

Which leads me to ask: Why didn’t ABC News have the video enhanced BEFORE airing it? Or why didn't they simply wait until the police made public the results of Zimmerman’s medical examination after they got him to the station? Oh, right, ABC News was conducting ITS OWN “investigation.” Such bullshit.

Of course, no apology for their previous reporting was issued. Haven’t heard a peep from NBC either, the miserable bastards.

You know, I go on and on about Fox News and how horrible it is. But I am equally aware that the mainstream media also sucks. It’s appalling. The coverage of this shooting has been horrible. It’s a damn circus, is what it is. And it shows just how dangerous the “free press” has become: You cannot trust it. George Zimmerman doesn’t need a fair trial; he’s already had his trial in the media!

Since everyone and his brother are weighing-in on this, here’s my guess as to what will happen from here: Zimmerman was legally able to carry his gun that night. His description of the altercation with Trayvon Martin will be allowed to stand since the boy cannot testify in his own behalf. Injuries to Zimmerman’s head will back up his story, as will witness statements. Zimmerman will probably not be charged. A Grand Jury will conclude that there’s probably not enough evidence to convict him in a trial. This will lead to more furor and spluttering outrage from the black community. Hey, who was it that sang, “You can’t always get what you want.” Well keep singing it, baby!

Oh yeah, and did you hear that the New Black Panthers have put a $10,000 “bounty” on Zimmerman’s head? Oh yes! Read about it
HERE. Of course, they only mean a $10,000 reward for Zimmerman’s (cough-cough) “capture” – as if he were fleeing from the law. Which he isn't. But we all know what would happen if a group of angry black men came face to face with George Zimmerman, don’t we?

Race relations in the U.S. have been set back twenty-five…maybe fifty years. There may yet be more blood in the streets.

What a country!

UPDATE! April 3, 2012: Today, NBC News apologized for their "error" in editing of the tape. Read the report HERE.


Anonymous said...

If one decides to dress the "gangsta look", one should not be surprised to be taken to be a gangsta.....or maybe you are one!

- Miguel de Manicotti

Bob Barbanes: said...

Agree with you 100%, Mike. Nobody, not even Trayvon should be surprised by this. It aint right, but it is what it is.

Mike Morris said...

Well the circus has gotten what they want. They have a show. I hope that a fair trial will be conducted. Instead of public vengeance.

Greybeard said...

We're on the same page. So now it IS going to trial and we WILL get to hear facts, not rumors/conjecture passed on by ABC, NBC, and other yellow journalists.
I'll keep my powder dry so far as predictions are concerned...
I think the only reason he was charged was to stop the almost certain riots that were about to happen. Can Z get a fair trial?
If he does, I fear we'll see those riots were simply postponed.