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09 November 2006

Pleasant Surprises

Sunset In Guanaja
Seems like all I write about lately are problems - medical ones that require the special capabilities of a helicopter. But I feel compelled to point out that life here is very, very special.
I have a digital camera (doesn't everybody?). But I haven't really been impressed. For one thing, this one doesn't zoom well. For another, being from the old school in which we put this substance called "film" in our cameras, I am frustrated that I cannot mess with the aperture settings and shutter speeds. Not that I was any good at it; it just made me feel better, being the incurable control-freak that I am. Heh- and I still have control. Now, most digital shots I take are "massaged" a bit in Photoshop after the fact instead of before.
The other evening, a couple of our guests and I were on the deck above our boathouse, sharing a beer and toasting the sunset like they do in Key West, Florida. Sunsets down here can be spectacular. Ironically, you can start to take the beauty of this island for granted. Anyway, as the sun sank behind the hills on the west end of Guanaja I whipped out the camera and snapped some obligatory, "throwaway" shots. When I opened the above image on my computer I was actually impressed. No Photoshop massaging necessary. It's my desktop wallpaper now. It doesn't look all that great here in the blog but it's awesome in full-screen. I guess digital cameras aren't so bad after all.

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La Gringa said...

Beautiful photo. What is the island in front of you? Or are you on a bay?