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11 November 2006

The Start of Another Typical Weekend

Yet another pregnant woman to La Ceiba this morning. Don't any of the women here have normal pregnancies? This one's water broke yesterday before noon. The doctor on the Cay tried to get her to deliver all afternoon and night with no success. Ergo, we took off at seven a.m. this morning. Uneventful flight both ways. I'm getting used to this route; it's almost like the helicopter can do it by itself. I'm not sure my boss ever anticipated that his helicopter would be used for so many medical flights.

The King Air has gone back to Florida, meaning I have the place to myself for the next two weeks. With the boss and our guests out of town, I usually leave the helicopter in the hangar at the airport. Instead, I just flew back to our cay and left the stretcher set-up installed. After all it is the weekend, and the Saturday Night Machete Fights are still ahead of us.

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