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27 November 2006

Tropical Weather

What the hell is this? A sunny morning? Heh - almost forgot what the sun looks like, it's been miserable for so long. It's been over a week that we've had nothing but cloudy, chilly days with rain every day. This morning dawned beautifully clear. But shortly after sunrise the clouds started moving back in - from the north, dammit. And it's still blowing like crazy out there. And as I write this, looking out the window I can see that we've already progressed to the "mostly cloudy" stage. Oh well. I want my summer back.


Mike and Sharon said...

Yeah - sun is out and we have faith it will be out for a few days so don't despair!
Saw the copter with its blades rotating Sunday behind the hanger and people approaching the airport dock. Sure hope you didn't have another emergency flight to make!

Bob Barbanes said...

Actually I was doing maintenance on the ship. We did get a call to make a medical run to Ceiba, but the weather was just too bad and I had to decline. Sadly, the woman they wanted me to transport died the next morning. Can't win 'em all, I guess.

La Gringa said...

Oh, that is sad. It is really generous of your boss to provide those emergency flights. I'm impressed.

I don't know how different the weather is in Guanaja compared to La Ceiba, but I've been here 5 years and we've never had cold weather like this in November.

Prepare yourself for another 2-3 weeks of cold in late December or early January.