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24 September 2008


You are probably listening to the dulcet tones of Leonard Cohen's "Democracy" right now and thinking, "What has this moron done now? You may like the song. You may hate it. If the latter, you can hit the "Stop" button. Hey, it's not like you don't already have the mouse button in your hand.

Personally, I really can't stand it when I open a blog and music starts playing automatically. It drives me nuts - usually because I have to search for the "widget" to turn the volume down (or completely off), and the widget is not easily locatable. Aaarrrggghhh!

So I've decided on a couple of things. One, I like this Leonard Cohen song, which I first heard when watching the political coverage on PBS. They were using it as a musical bed for their coverage logo.

Secondly, I decided to put the widget right at the top of the page, where you can readily click it off. And you will, if you're a regular visitor, because every damn time you come to this blog you'll be treated to Cohen's raspy "singing."

Great poet, Leonard Cohen. That he also makes music is incredible. Although his name had sort of vaguely been in my consciousness as I was growing up, he wasn't "rock 'n roll" so I never really paid much attention. That is, until I watched the movie "Natural Born Killers" and Cohen's "The Future" was played over the closing credits. "Democracy" has such great lyrics and phrasing that I couldn't pass up passing it along to you.

So in the spirit of the day, "Democracy" will stand...at least until I get sick of it. Then, maybe I'll replace it with another song. Or maybe not. Like I said, I really can't stand it when I open a blog and music starts playing automatically.


Bob said...

Thanks for introducing me to "Democracy" -- catchy tunes, interesting lyrics.

BTW, I die laughing every time I see/hear Billy Mays on the tube, yelling at me about the latest stupid product, remembering your great post from a while back. (The latest is some contraption that makes "sliders" on top of the stove and it's worth turning on the TV just to see it and wonder just who would actually buy such a thing).

Bob Barbanes said...

Thanks Bob, I do what I can...

One thing I've noticed about Billy Mays: His hair and beard seem to have gotten darker over time. In the latest huckstering that I saw (some health insurance scam), he looked like a damn 25 year-old! Haven't seen the "sliders" one yet. I'll be sure to avoid it.

Anonymous said...

Um, err... I don't know.

Somehow while listening to *Democracy*, Warren Zevon's *Werewolves of London* got into my head and just tookover, and I wandered off to You Tube to listen...


DAVID said...

HA! I'm not the only one!!! I too thought "Zevon" but then I would. Only, The Wind instead of Werewolves.

Have you been in touch with Johny Barbata or something? I logged onto his website today. Ten minutes later music started to play and I had no idea where it was coming from!

From between the headphones, "I dig Democracy!"