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14 September 2008

Update on Gas Availability/Prices

As is my usual custom I went out this morning for the Sunday paper and coffee. I could have the paper delivered but I prefer the exercise of getting out and walking...to the car, and climbing in and pulling the shift lever back from "Park" into "Drive." It's very refreshing! Gets the old heart rate going, it does.

There is a large gas station/convenience store not far from the house. I noticed that the big price sign out front had no listing for Mid-Grade or Premium, just one for Regular gas but I didn't look to see what it was. There were plastic bags covering the nozzles, which is the typical indicator that a station is out of fuel. The place was empty, save for just a couple of cars at the fourteen pumps, and some of the drivers had puzzled looks on their faces which I interpreted to be that of frustration over not being able to fill up their tanks.

The store is usually quite busy with pre-church traffic on a Sunday morning. There is always a line inside. Not today. It was empty. As I was paying for my stuff I asked the clerk about his gas situation.

"We ran out yesterday," he said. "We just got a delivery of Regular, but I'm not sure when we're gonna get another delivery of anything."

You have gasoline, I asked?

"Oh yeah."

I pulled over to the pumps. Sure enough, the nozzle of the Regular gas had no plastic bag. So I filled up with Unleaded Regular at $3.63 per gallon. This is a mere four cents over what it was a couple of days ago.

So much for the feared dollar-a-gallon increases. Then again, as far as the aftermath of Hurricane Ike is concerned, it's still early.

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