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11 August 2010

How To Quit Your Job

Okay, I usually leave airline stuff to other bloggers, but this is just too funny for words.

You heard about the JetBlue flight attendant that went crazy, huh? Well, if not, here's the deal:

At 38 year-old flight attendant by the name of Steven Slater had a little...umm...event. Apparently the flight he was working on had just landed at JFK Airport and had not yet made it to the gate. One of the passengers must have gotten up to retrieve a bag out of the overhead. Mr. Slater addressed this passenger, and a confrontation ensued. Slater either hit hit head on the overhead baggage compartment door, or a bag fell on his head (it's not clear). Apparently, the confrontation turned ugly.

So Slater stormed to the back of the plane and grabbed the p.a. mic. He made a profanity-filled announcement which ended with, "So long, suckers!" or words to that effect. Scarfing up two beers from the galley, he opened a door, popped the emergency slide, tossed his carry-on bags down and then followed them to the tarmac. One would presume that if he hands weren't already full, he would have turned and given the airplane and those on it the finger.

What a way to quit a job, eh? Hey, we all have our breaking point.

JetBlue waited a bit before reporting the incident, generously giving Slater time to make his getaway. When the cops showed up at Slater's house, they found him in bed with his boyfriend (I know, what a shock!) whereupon he was arrested and charged with some minor crimes.

The incident is funny enough, I suppose: Gay flight attendant throws a hissy-fit at a recalcitrant passenger, yadda yadda yadda, arrested in bed with his boyfriend. Okay fine. Moving on...

But wait...enter the Chinese! This is the good part. In their reporting of this event, the Chinese news media had to embellish it a little for their viewers. They add some animation, sound effects and some extra details to...well..."flesh out" the story. You've GOT to see this. It's just too friggin' funny. (Check out :41 seconds)

Why can't Fox News give us that level of depth and detail in a story? WHY? WHY?

HERE is the story in the New York Daily News about the event, if you care, which I'm sure you don't.


Anonymous said...

Thats how Id do it, minus the boyfirend part but hell the whole get a quicky in before jail makes it even cooler.

Bob said...

You are right, the Chinese version is much more interesting. His ex-wife was on the Today Show yesterday morning, to which I just want to say, "WHY????!!!!"