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01 March 2008

Basic Instructions

A while back, a Honduran blogger named Aaron Ortiz turned me on to a cartoonist by the name of Scott Meyer, a former stand-up comic who puts out weekly a strip called "Basic Instructions." Meyer has a most bizarre senses of humor, and a peculiar outlook. His strips never fail to make me laugh out loud. Like Beatles songs, there always seems to be just the right "Basic Instructions" cartoon to fit situations in my daily life.

Meyer uses a technique he calls "Photocartooning" whereby he takes photographs and traces over them, then adds the set-up at the top and dialogue boxes in the frame. His wife calls it "cheating." The bald guy is actually him.

Obviously humor, like looks, music and your favorite American Idol contestant are extremely personal things. But I hope you'll enjoy Meyer's work, some of which are depicted below. Right-click on the cartoons and if you select "Open Link In New Window" you should be able to see them into a bigger, more readable format.

One of the advantages of having friends is that you can bounce ideas off of them. If they're honest they will give you a fair assessment of said idea. Whether you actually listen or care is up to you. Fortunately, I have great friends who give me great advice...sometimes.

I like how Meyer isn't afraid to put the punch line in the middle of the strip. "We don't like your smoking jacket either."

I'm not really a "cat person" but I know plenty of people who are. Here's why I'm not.

Meyer also combines cats and bad ideas.

But he doesn't *only* talk about cats. Sometimes he touches on other subjects.

"Roll on floor, grieving." Gotta love that!

Meyer's perspective on relationships is hilarious too.

And finally..

You get the idea. For more fun, check out his website

Scott Meyer's Basic Instructions


Redlefty said...

My kind of humor!

David said...

'Ooh, I dunno. You don't have a good track record with cats.'
Funny post Bob.
Do you know the definition of a 'Good Cat' is?
One that doesn't come back after ya put it outside.

Guanaja Sharon said...

Thanks Bob! I enjoyed going to the site. I'm sure Mike will love it too.