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10 March 2008

Curing Cancer And Solving Our Energy Problems? Perhaps.

John Kanzius, of Erie, Pennsylvania. Have you heard of this guy? He’s an inventor. But he also has cancer (leukemia, diagnosed in 2002). In researching a cure he has come up with a unique method of targeting and destroying specific cancer cells without harming the surrounding healthy cells. The results are as promising as they are exciting. In non-human testing, it is successful 100% of the time. Human testing is either scheduled to begin shortly or may have already begun. Tragically, the machine may not be ready in time to save John Kanzius’ life. (Although if it were me, I’d be the first testing subject and I’d be doing it now.)

But there’s more. In 2006, because another scientist noticed that the process produced condensation (water droplets), Kanzius was asked if his device could be used for desalinization? Curious, he began heating the saltwater. In doing so he accidentally found that it burns. By passing radio waves through regular old seawater (or tap water mixed with table salt) he is able to get it to burn.

Granted, at the present time John’s invention gives off less energy than it takes to produce it. Naysayers immediately grab hold of this and call it worthless. But I have to ask: How much energy does it take to produce a gallon of gasoline? Regardless, I am fascinated by the potential. Because if the process could be refined so that saltwater produces a sufficient amount of energy to help replace fossil fuels, then the possibilities are endless. While I’m not prepared to say that this device at this stage will solve all of our energy problems, neither will I be so quick to dismiss it as bogus or not valuable.

Cancer researchers are excited over what they are already calling Kanzius RF Therapy. Chemical and material engineers get positively giddy over the idea of burning saltwater and how we might apply this process.

It is foolish to think that everything that’s ever going to be invented has already been invented. It is likewise foolish to think that all of the great discoveries of science and nature have already been made. It is just possible that John Kanzius has stumbled on one of the most interesting and important discoveries of our time. In any event, it bears watching closely.

Just imagine the possibilities…





Redlefty said...

The idea of burning water is just so cool, it has to be good for something.

Guanaja Sharon said...

I read about this guy and his research a while back and was interested in the aspect of the use of and perfection of the invention to help fight cancer. I later read that the idea he had, and I believe it involved injecting gold into the cancer victim, was just a farce. I have heard no more but I thought the idea sound very interesting. I hope he was able to continue his research. It seems we have been fighting cancer for an awfully long time without getting too far ahead with "cures"